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The Hitmans Bodyguard


Flicker Fans I would like to take you on journey right now. I’d like to take you to a moment and place where all reasonable actions are tossed to the side. I’d like you take this time to really envision a place where super hitmen and even more super bodyguards exist. I’d like you to even take a moment and really think about why you’re going to watch this movie. It’s not just a matter of wanting to get a good laugh, a chuckle, a smirk or smile. But I want you to take a look and muster up the courage to go on an adventure with me. It’s the age old tale of, “bodyguard protecting an eye witness until he can testify.” This eye witness just happens to be an expert hitman. Yes, that story that mixes action, adventure, and the use of an aggressive, “mutha fu*ka” here and there, and of course romance. I’m talking about The Hitmans Bodyguard. Let’s dive in shall we.

(By the way, that was all sarcasm, and if you are having a hard time picking up on that, you might want to reconsider this review.)

The great Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight), joins the always dreamy Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Waiting {yea I referred to him as dreamy, I’m comfortable with saying that}). Maybe sarcastic is a better way to refer to him, since he seems to completely OWN that type of character. They are also joined by the amazing Gary Oldman (who I didn’t even realize was in this movie until it started). Oldman shouldn’t need a list of “what he’s been in”, but in case you don’t know, The Professional and The Fifth Element. Also in this movie is Elodie Yung (Netflixs Daredevil, G.I Joe: Retaliation–hell I didn’t know that). Also starring was the amazing Salma Hayek (From Dusk till Dawn). Regardless, let’s get right to it shall we. Read more

Logan Lucky


Hey there Flicker Fans, those who find time to read through my nonsensical examples of what I equate to a “fun film review”. That’s right, it’s been about a week or so since I’ve last taken the time to write up some wit and let you know what I think about one of the films (Logan Lucky). I personally (as well as our fearless leader) was excited to see it. So without further adieu, without further delay, without hesitation, let’s talk about Logan Lucky.

Directed by one of the greats, Steven Soderbergh (Oceans 11, 12, and 13) and written by Rebecca Blunt (fun fact, this person may or may not really exist, she has no official writing credits aside from Logan Lucky, and communicated with everyone via email {source}). So, along with that fun fact, that begs to ask the question, “Who the hell wrote this story?” I’m sure that question may get answered at a later time, but for this article, we’re going to focus on who’s in this movie, and how WAS this movie. Read more

Jascha Wilson Reviews – The Dark Tower


Why hello there Flicker Fans, welcome again to another riveting review written by yours truly. That’s right, it’s time to hear my thoughts, my expertise, my insight, and my glorious opinion on our film for this weekend. Let’s talk about The Dark Tower.

(I do realize that this may have been quite the ego centric build up for this review, and yes, maybe even a little conceited. But as a dear friend once told me, “Sweetheart, I’m not conceited, I’m convinced.” {HA!} While my review for this film may be THAT amazing, it’s still fun to go into a review with this much confidence.)

Now, that being said, I think we’ll lead right into the idea that this film DIDN’T have the confidence to be what it should have been. A epic story that is just part one of what could have been as epic as Harry Potter (ok, maybe not QUITE that epic, but close). It’s disconcerting when you read articles that start off by saying, “12 movies you need to watch before you watch The Dark Tower.” What the hell man? Who has time to watch and EXTRA 12 movies just to understand ONE? Read more

Jascha Wilson Reviews – Atomic Blonde

Hello there Flicker Fans, how goes it? Obviously that’s rhetorical, you can’t answer unless you comment below and or email us? So why don’t you go ahead and do that? Let’s make that happen shall we? Reach out! Say hello! Drop us a line or two! I’m not really that excited to ask you to do that (you know, the exclamation points and all), I just wanted to emphasise how much I really think you should reach out.

Enough of that, why don’t we get to what we’re supposed to talk about shall we? Let’s talk about ATOMIC BLONDE, the new Chalize Theron project that we were all excited to see (ok, maybe it was just me, but I was excited). Read more

Jascha Wilson Reviews – Spiderman: Homecoming

Well hello there Flicker Fans….what better way to swing back into writing you wonderful people again, than having our own friendly neighborhood Spiderman swinging back into theaters this past weekend.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to endure that many puns in the rest of this review.

So let’s chat about Spiderman: Homecoming shall we? First, I would like to offer a homage to the past Spidermen and somewhat of a tribute, or “toast” if you would. Actually, I think I’d like to write you guys a direct letter. Yes, I’m talking to you Tobey Mcguire and Andrew Garfield.

Read more

Jascha Wilson Reviews: Bad Santa 2


Flicker Fans! Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve hollered at ya! Been awhile since we’ve wrapped a little about movies. Been a minute since I’ve essentially lectured my opinion about a film. Why? Who knows? Life happens, but I’m back. Back to try and finish the year strong with a few reviews coming your way. A quick fix on what I thought was going to be a pretty big hit, but didn’t quite deliver the presents that I thought it was going to. I’m talking about Bad Santa 2 (see what I did there?). Let’s jump in shall we?

Read more

Dear Flicker Fans – July 24th, 2016

JaschaComicConJuly 24th, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

I’m not really sure how to say this…hell I’m not even sure if I’m ABLE to say this. But today…today was the last day of Comic Con. I honestly don’t think the sadness has really taken over me yet.

How do I recap today? We walked the floor trying desperately to take in the last few images to hold us off for a year. Everything was still so alive, so vibrant, and so full of energy–it was all still so busy and amazing. Read more

Dear Flicker Fans – July 23rd, 2016

JaschaComicConJuly 23rd, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

I write this journal entry in between tears Fans. Not tears of sadness, but beautiful tears of joy. Joy that is going to be hard to put into words about the experience that I just had today, but I’m going to do my best. Here’s where we’ll start; Read more

Dear Flicker Fans – July 22nd, 2016

JaschaComicConJuly 22nd, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

Ever wonder what it’s like to sit/stand/walk in the sun for the better part of the day in the middle of July? Well, I never have, but I have experienced it. On this day, the 22nd day of July, I spent a good majority of it….in the sun. But, to be fair, so did the rest of the team.

Taking turns and spending time in the sun is what this adventure really is all about. You wouldn’t think it, but it’s almost a rite of passage to do so. With the rest of the die hards we spend the day taking turns sitting outside and enjoying the company of the sun (as well as other die hard fans wait for the promise of entering Hall H). Read more

Review: The Infiltrator

infiltratorHey Flicker Fans, you know what I like most about movies sometimes? It’s not the special effects, or the fact that most of my childhood comic stories are now being told on the big screen. It’s some of the “true stories” that Hollywood likes to tell for our enjoyment. It’s the bend between what really happened, and what they’ve dug up to make it “movie worthy.” I like the idea of not really being able to tell which is which sometimes, but what I love most about these movies are the photos of the characters our leads are portraying shown at the end. I love the wrap ups. I love the part of the story when they say, “This person is still doing undercover work and did blah, blah, for the next 30 years.” I don’t know why, I just love that shit.

Which brings me to this movie The Infiltrator. Directed by Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer, Runner Runner), this movie is the true story of Robert Mazur trying to find out the money laundering plans involving Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar—sounds cool right? I mean, honestly, if you like drug cartel movies and stories about the glory days of cocaine (that’s a really weird way to describe it, I realize that, but just bear with me alright), but the days of cocaine where the problem was very real in America and Pablo Escobar was the most powerful drug supplier out of Columbia. How big a deal was this guy? He was such a big deal, they’re still making movies and shows about this guy (see Blow (2001), Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014), Narcos (2015)). Read more

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