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Dear Flicker Fans – July 24th, 2016

JaschaComicConJuly 24th, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

I’m not really sure how to say this…hell I’m not even sure if I’m ABLE to say this. But today…today was the last day of Comic Con. I honestly don’t think the sadness has really taken over me yet.

How do I recap today? We walked the floor trying desperately to take in the last few images to hold us off for a year. Everything was still so alive, so vibrant, and so full of energy–it was all still so busy and amazing. Read more

Dear Flicker Fans – July 23rd, 2016

JaschaComicConJuly 23rd, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

I write this journal entry in between tears Fans. Not tears of sadness, but beautiful tears of joy. Joy that is going to be hard to put into words about the experience that I just had today, but I’m going to do my best. Here’s where we’ll start; Read more

Dear Flicker Fans – July 22nd, 2016

JaschaComicConJuly 22nd, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

Ever wonder what it’s like to sit/stand/walk in the sun for the better part of the day in the middle of July? Well, I never have, but I have experienced it. On this day, the 22nd day of July, I spent a good majority of it….in the sun. But, to be fair, so did the rest of the team.

Taking turns and spending time in the sun is what this adventure really is all about. You wouldn’t think it, but it’s almost a rite of passage to do so. With the rest of the die hards we spend the day taking turns sitting outside and enjoying the company of the sun (as well as other die hard fans wait for the promise of entering Hall H). Read more

Review: The Infiltrator

infiltratorHey Flicker Fans, you know what I like most about movies sometimes? It’s not the special effects, or the fact that most of my childhood comic stories are now being told on the big screen. It’s some of the “true stories” that Hollywood likes to tell for our enjoyment. It’s the bend between what really happened, and what they’ve dug up to make it “movie worthy.” I like the idea of not really being able to tell which is which sometimes, but what I love most about these movies are the photos of the characters our leads are portraying shown at the end. I love the wrap ups. I love the part of the story when they say, “This person is still doing undercover work and did blah, blah, for the next 30 years.” I don’t know why, I just love that shit.

Which brings me to this movie The Infiltrator. Directed by Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer, Runner Runner), this movie is the true story of Robert Mazur trying to find out the money laundering plans involving Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar—sounds cool right? I mean, honestly, if you like drug cartel movies and stories about the glory days of cocaine (that’s a really weird way to describe it, I realize that, but just bear with me alright), but the days of cocaine where the problem was very real in America and Pablo Escobar was the most powerful drug supplier out of Columbia. How big a deal was this guy? He was such a big deal, they’re still making movies and shows about this guy (see Blow (2001), Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014), Narcos (2015)). Read more

Dear Flicker Fans – July 21st, 2016

JaschaComicConJuly 21, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

Wow! That’s all I can say about today is WOW! I mean talk about such a productive day, that didn’t necessarily start out as one; let me lay it down for you;

I woke up early today not really knowing what to expect and get ready for my first full day of Comic Con. I arrived at the “big show” and started to ask questions about where to go, and what line to enter. I wanted to attend the singing for a new comic that’s being put out by Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Man, I couldn’t wait. I was so excited to get in line for this signing and meet with this person that I have been a fan of, I couldn’t wait. Read more

Dear Flicker Fans – July 20th, 2016, Part 2

JaschaComicConJuly 20th, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

My feet are hurting, my legs are tired, my face is red(ish) and my body is screaming for sleep–I couldn’t be happier. Today was the official preview night for something that I feel like I was waiting forever for. The experience with all these like minded people, geeks, nerds, outcasts and weirdos….man, this place is everything I could have asked. Read more

Dear Flicker Fans – July 20th, 2016

JaschaComicConHey there Flicker Fans, got some news for you today. Today begins the start of something special, something we wait all year for. Something that we (as geeks) all address and think of as, well, as almost a “First Christmas” (the second being one in December). So whatever your respective holiday is that you celebrate, or don’t celebrate, it’s time to revel in the fact that Summer is here. July is here. Comic Con….is here. Read more

Review: Ghostbusters

GhostbustersPOSTER“Who you gonna call?”

I know who I’m gonna call and it’s the new Ghostbusters. That’s right, Flicker Fans, here we are and this is the official review of the new (not necessarily improved) Ghostbusters. This is in direct response to my “predictive” review of the new franchise, and you know what Flicker Fans? It wasn’t that bad. I know, I know…I think we were all expecting an atrocious debacle that literally assaulted our senses in every sense of the word…..well, let me tell you….it wasn’t that bad and it was only partially offensive.

Now when I say “offensive”, I mean it in the sense of completely offending our past with new effects, characters and a story that is so convoluted it borders on the line of questioning ones film going experience and taste in movies. Well guess what Flicker Fans, Ghostbusters did NOT make me question my movie going experience. It actually made me smile. Read more

Ghostbusters Pre-Thoughts

Ghostbusters poster“Who you GONNA CALL!?!?!?” That is the preemptive question that I am asking you on this very day I write this (the 15th day in July) as we bear witness to the attempted relaunch of a beloved franchise. That’s right Flicker Fans, we’re going to talk about Ghostbusters: Did we ask for this movie?

Now, a lot of you might be reading that and thinking, “Hey, that’s not the title…where the hell does he get off thinking that adding a second part to that Ghostbusters title is ok?” How, you ask? How do I dare do something so blasphemous??!?! Why, the same way I’m writing this movie review Flicker Fans….I am (pause for dramatic effect)….writing this review, BEFORE I SEE THE MOVIE!!! Dun…dun…dunnnnnnnn. That’s right folks, I’m striking this iron while it’s hot and writing a predictive review of this movie with the hopes (yes, the hopes) that I am wrong in EVERY sense of the word. This is what I have planned, so bear with me. Read more

What’s Wrong with Warner Bros.?

DC/WB logo

Listen, let’s just take a minute and really talk about what they’re doing over there at the good ol’ WB (I hate to use that lingo, but let’s do that for this little tid bit shall we). But let’s really examine what could possibly be, what could potentially be, and what is CLEARLY a problem with the WB and their properties. Yes, I’m talking about you DC…..good ol’ Detective Comics and Warner Bros. have gone hand in hand for quite some time now, and the problems don’t seem to be getting better. In fact, I don’t want to go so far and say that it’s failing, but it’s definitely “limping” along trying to find its way—and I think they’re lost.

Read more

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