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News Effect – July 10, 2016

alienscastWelcome to our very first News Effect show! Each week we’ll be counting down the Top 10 news stories (as determined by us) which can range from the news everyone is talking about, to the news no one is talking about (hey, sometimes it’s a slow week), but we’ll have fun doing it! This episode, we give our thoughts on the Sulu situation in Star Trek Beyond and geek out about the Aliens 30th Anniversary panel coming to San Diego Comic Con this year.

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Home Premiere – Will anyone actually use this?

The movie theater experience is expensive.  Taking your partner and kids to the movies has become an event due to the high costs.  But worry not!  Some of the major studios have heard your cries and they are here to help.

Variety is reporting that Warner Bros, Sony, Universal and 20th Century Fox are working together to create Home Premiere, an official industry branded on-demand service.  For $30 you’ll be able to sit in the comfort of home and enjoy a movie only 2 months after they hit theaters.

Sounds great right?  No, you’re right, it doesn’t…it sounds insane!!


The first argument to this I get, and that argument is families.  It’s going to cost a lot more than $30 to take a family to a theater.  Now you’ll be able to spend less money, not be annoyed be fellow movie goers, the kids can be as loud as they want…all this I understand.

The problem with the argument is paying $30 after waiting two months!  The window between a movie’s theatrical release and home video release has been shrinking and shrinking.  Why would anyone who is willing to wait 2 months not just hold out 1 more month and rent or buy it on Blu-ray/DVD?  Yeah, if you pick the buy option it’ll probably still cost you $20 to $30, but at least you’ll own it for that price.

I just can’t see this working.  Most people either need to see a movie as soon as it’s released (or want to movie theater experience, and I’m right there with them), or they’re willing to wait a few months and use Netflix, Amazon or Redbox to watch it at a much cheaper price.  Paying $30 after waiting 2 months is just…crazy.

Awful X-Men first class movie posters

These may be some of the worst movie posters ever.  Actually, no….there’s no maybe here.  These are officially the worst one-sheets of all time.  Just look at them!!  It looks like I Photoshopped them, and I don’t know the first thing about Photoshop.

I already have no faith that this movie will be at all worth seeing.  These one-sheets aren’t helping.

Both posters after the jump…

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