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Ep #171: Captain America: Civil War

Civil war bannerReunited and it feels so good! The gang is back together again, but will our thoughts on Captain America: Civil War only serve to split us apart once more? Only one way to find out True Believers!

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Review: London Has Fallen

london_has_fallenHey Flicker Fans! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve “partaken” with our show, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not out there–“fighting the good fight, givin’ it the ol college try”, and a bunch of other quotes that speak to my corniness that I’m sure YOU know, but I do not. So let’s jump in shall we, today we’re going to talk about “LONDON HAS FALLEN.”

Babak Najafi (director), you tried. Respect my man, you tried. I could tell that you tried. I mean you really, REALLY tried to take us on this ride….and….well, for the most part, you kind of succeeded (kind of). Let’s take a look shall we? We’re given this sequel (which I’m still not really sure we needed) that puts us in London to watch Gerard Butler (and Aaron Eckhart) run around the city with a bunch of terrorists trying to kill them, and they just “get away”? That’s what you’re going for bro? Dude… Just no. But hey, before I dive in and completely (and relatively unintentionally) destroy this movie, let’s talk about what worked shall we? Read more

Review: The Boss

boss1Flicker Fans, Flicker Fans, Flicker Fans…….let’s just take a moment shall we? I know that this past weekend the headliner at the box office was THE BOSS….so let’s celebrate that success and mourn the impending failure for the upcoming weekend shall we? I know that may sound SUPER negative, but if you’re reading this review, you’ll understand why in just a few minutes.

THE BOSS (starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, and Peter Dinklage) is a silly, over-the-top story that centers around McCarthy acting rude, crude, predictable and (well) funny–at times. That’s just it Flicker Fans…..the funny moments come in waves and are pretty much what you have expected from the commercials, not to mention the funny parts were all SHOWN in the trailers. But we’ll address this in a few…, let’s talk some more about this movie. Read more

Review: Whisky Tango Foxtrot

whiskey_tango_foxtrot_ver2_xlgFlicker Fans! How goes it? It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted about the latest and “greatest”. I put greatest in quotes because, well, because films have been a little lack luster as of late. Excluding Deadpool of course–that movie was flipping AMAZING!!! Great, well we’re not here to chat about that, instead we’re going to chat about the project of someone whom I find pretty amazing, we’re here to talk about Tina Fey and WTF…..or as it was released, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

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Review: Joy


Jennifer Lawrence. Do I really need to embellish on that name? Do I really need to follow that name up with anything other than just her name Flicker Fans? Alright, as I’ve said before, maybe I’m a little biased when it comes to certain actors/actresses or directors and or writers of films, but seriously, do we really need to follow her name with a string of words that praise her for the latest venture into film and fanfare? I do? Alright then, let’s do it. Read more

Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Flicker Fans….let’s take a moment shall we? Let’s take a moment to think back to the last time that you had that magical experience in a movie. I’m not talking about the last time you saw something really cool and the special effects were just “amaze-balls”. Essentially, that could be just about ANY movie that’s out there right now with a super hero in it. You don’t see someone climbing on walls or strapping into an iron suit and flying around. I’m talking the last time that you watched a movie and felt transported. Transported to when you were actually “6” again and you just couldn’t stop smiling throughout the film. That time when you were distraught and totally engaged in what was happening on screen and you just can’t wait to see what happens. Maybe for you this experience COMES with every super hero movie that is pushed out into our faces. Maybe it comes with the release of Tina Feys new venture into comedy (I love her by the way–and in no way shape or form am I attacking her talents). Or hell, maybe it’s with turtles or the release of a new and creative way to yell, “ALLLLLLLVIIIIIIIN!!!!” Maybe it’s not any of those things. Maybe, just maybe, it comes with a loud burst of trumpets with two words that crawl away from you. Maybe, it’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Read more

Review: Let’s Be Cops


Hey there Flicker Fans, let’s talk about something that I think we’re all speaking about this morning. I mean let’s REALLY get down to it. Let’s take a minute to reflect not only on our lives, but let’s reflect about our movie experiences this weekend. Let’s talk about fun, laughter, and cop movies. That’s right, let’s talk about, Let’s Be Cops (see what I did there?). I don’t know how many of you watch and or enjoy New Girl but we’re going to talk about a movie that I think was specifically put together as a launch pad for two of it’s main stars: Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. These two characters are both kind of down on their luck. Jake Johnson being a huge success in his college years, and Damon Wayans Jr. being a pseudo success now. Frustrated with everything they have going, they put on some police uniforms and people think that they’re cops and guess what? Madness ensues. I’m not doing it justice, but trust me…..madness ensues.
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Review: Get On Up

Get On Up

The music. The moves. The man. Get On Up explores each of these areas that make up the legend that is James Brown. Directed by Tate Taylor (The Help, Winter’s Bone), the biopic runs the gamut of the late James’ life – from his turbulent childhood, through his first taste of success and ending with one of his final concerts.
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Review: Hercules


I have a question for you Flicker Fans, “How do you ruin a mythological character while putting one of the best action stars front and center to play the lead?” Why give it to Brett Ratner….he’ll take care of the rest.
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Review: Lucy


Alright Flicker Fans here we go: I am new and have recently joined the prestigious, amazing, fantastic, insightful team that pokes, prods and podcasts all that is film, tv, and entertainment. My name is Jascha Wilson. As far as experience in film goes–I’m a fan. An uber big fan of all things that are film. If it’s made, I’ll watch it and or give it a shot. I don’t sugar coat or lolly-gag around when it comes to reviews and/or my opinion and I might even hold a little bit of favoritism when it comes to certain film makers, but hell, don’t all critics. So without further delay, here’s my first official review for Let’s chat about Lucy.
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